Our Lives by Ben Prada on BBC Radio

Ben Prada this month dropped news of his upcoming ‘Our Lives ’ – a bold summer release lined up on his Universal Grooves imprint. Locked into his signature powerful and melodic format, Ben has once again cooked up a potent main room slammer that stacks forceful synths, booming bass drums, sub freq bonuses and an array of flying melodies which result in a total package for the anthem lovers. 10321595_905671632812578_922864304887140634_o

Recently aired on BBC Radio East Midlands Friday Night show

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The blissed-out breakdowns create the memorable moments and when the risers and snare rollers kick in – there’s no doubting the impending impact. The drops let off a ripping bass line that halts the dreamy synths and kick starts a high-energy electrified main section. Ben Prada’s style once again leans towards those long crescendos and buildups which are clearly concocted for crowd-teasing DJs that are all for keeping the crowd’s anticipation for those well-deserved drops.
Lined up and Out everywhere –  The label – which has been pushing the sounds of Ben, Ivan, Sonny B and Ohrganic since launching just a matter of months ago is enjoying a busy release schedule that’s heating up into the summer months.



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